Wastewater System

The sewer system was authorized by a referendum on August 13, 1941 and construction of a sanitary sewer system and sewage disposal plant was financed in 1944.  The sewer system was operated by the Town until the water and sewer systems were combined and placed under the control and management of the Commissioners of June 16, 1960.

The original wastewater treatment facility was located on Magnolia Street and this site is now used as a substation by SCE&G.  The developement of the existing wastewater treatment plant site began in 1960, and subsequent construction and improvements produced a twenty (20) acre aerated lagoon facility on Old Orangeburg Road.

Construction began in 1993 for a new 10 mgd wastewater plant at the existing plant site.  The wastewater facility was completed in June, 1995.  Over 25,000 cubic yards of concrete and 7,000 tons of steel rebar were used in the construction of the plant.  The total cost of this project was $16,800,000.

Payment for this project was made from cash reserves that the Commissioners established and developed over ten years.  The Commissioners made a conscious effort to save a sufficient amount of money to avoid any debt and this has resulted in a tremendous savings to our customers.

The current wastewater facility features two Eimco Carousel basins with biological nutrient removal, sludge handling and loading facilities, septage receiving facilities, two clarifiers, three aerobic digesters, effluent storage basins and a remote post-aeration facility.  Treated effluent is discharged into the Ashley River through a 24" force main pipe approximately five miles in length.  Summerville CPW is involoved in the beneficialreuse of biosolids and has a successful land application program.  Biosolids are applied on farmland throughout Dorchester County to improve the soil for fields and crops.  Approximately 5 million gallons of biosolids are land applied annually.  Summerville CPW's current sewer system also includes 47 pump stations, 5,120 manholes, 223 miles of pipe and 23.5 miles of force main.

Summerville CPW has 16,454 sewer customers and treats approximately 6.0 million gallons of wastewater each day.